Friday, September 7, 2007

Reading notes

Not to lower the tone of things, but my mother-in-law has just been to stay and left a great stash of trash. So if any of you need to know the latest status on Brad/Jen/Angelina/Brad's mum; Diana's heartbroken children; the night that Britney and KFed were both spotted out on the town (where were the kids); or the increasing influence of Posh over Kat, do let me know.

I have also just finished reading Last Drinks by Andrew McGahan. I know, you read it years ago, but if you didn't, I do recommend that you make time to read it now. Set in Queensland, post those days, it's kind of crime, but kind of not. It's interesting, to read a story narrated by a protaganist you're never quite sure you completely dislike.


redcap said...

Ooh, I haven't read Last Drinks yet. I bought mum The White Earth, but haven't even got to that yet ~hangs head in shame~ So if you're in the mood, I'd love to read a review. And if you're up for bagging the mags, I'd love to read that too ;) I can't help reading the headlines at the checkouts, even though I know half of them aren't true.

non-Blondie said...

If you need a partner in crime for the trash mag round-up, I'm addicted to them...such excellent rubbish! There are so many in England, at least one for every day of the week.

Ariel said...

Mmmm, I hate myself when I find myself devouring those trashy mags in the supermarket aisle or the doctor's surgery ... but I do it.

LOVED 'Last Drinks'. I think it's McGahan's best (though I haven't read The White Earth, actually).