Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tokyo Station

This book follows the story of Harry Niles; son of American Missionaries that has grown up on the streets of Tokyo.

Harry is an undesirable type who owns a bar in Asakusa and regularly cheats people for money and business.
The book focuses on Harry's life and his plans to leave Japan before the inevitable break out of WWII. However it isn't so simple as he is hunted by a Samurai and several dealings from his shady past have come back to haunt him.

All in all, it's a very disappointing book from an author i thought would have offered a lot more.

This review isn't useful unless it stops you from reading this book. Unlike other Cruz Smith books, I can't paint such a great picture of Tokyo (as opposed to really feeling like being in the Soviet Union in the Gorky Park Series) and the character of Harry Niles just isn't believable.